Visibility and protection for critical applications and data

Real-time, actionable security analytics and automated vulnerability mitigation


Prevoty serves top enterprises across numerous industries such as: banking & financials, healthcare, retail, eCommerce & more.

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How it works

We hook into the application and use LANGSEC to analyze content, queries, commands, stopping attacks like XSS, SQLi and command injection.

Languages & frameworks supported:

C, Java, PHP, Python, Node, Ruby, .NET, ASP. NET, Django, HTML5

Databases supported:

SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle DB, IBM DB2


Enable either Monitoring or Protection mode


The applications are now protected from the inside at runtime.

Gain Insight

You now have total visibility into application threats, this data can be fed into your SIEM or dashboard of choice.

Deployment Models

Prevoty can be deployed in a variety of ways to instantly monitor and protect legacy, existing, new, or third party applications.

1. Instrument the application

Options include:
SDKs or Plugin

2. Deploy the LANGSEC engine

Options include:
In-App, On-Premise, or Cloud


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